AV sound design, Video editing, Music

Tiptoe through the Tulips

Video and audio design

An audio-visual montage for One Hand Clapping, compiling some of the 50s advertisements and quiz show footage used previously during scene changes. They play backwards and overlap into a melange of images and surreal sounds that reflect the troubled mind of the central character leading into the final act.


Post-production/audio design

An abstract short film by House of Orphans. Sound design comprises of a series of atmospheric sounds and gradually layered effects as the story progresses.

Let's see what happens

Video and audio design

A post apocalyptic imagining combining abstract art with my own music and vocal samples from an obscure vlog. 

Hidden (trailer)

Video editing

Trailer edited for "Hidden" - a character comedy playing Underbelly at the Edinburgh festival.

Edited with a series of cartoon slates to establish characters, and fast motion used in the style of Green Wing - to reflect the multi character world.